When you are going for an interview, then it is quite obvious that you would love to go there all set. But in order to do that, you must have an idea about what to carry for an interview along with you. Otherwise, you might send in a wrong signal to your potential employer.

Here is the checklist of the things that are essential to keep with you on the day of the interview.


Often the hiring managers forgot to print the resume copies, so in that case, if you provide a neat and clean copy of the resume it will leave the impact that you are well prepared for the interview. Further, you can meet a lot of new people so the extra copies may help you in building new contacts.


Always carry a few pens as extra pens will not only save you from embarrassing ‘Can I have your pen’ moments but also you can leave a good impact by offering a pen to your interviewer when he runs out of the pen. Also remember to carry a few notebooks and folders.


If the building has security, you may be asked to show identification, or you may need it to complete a job application. Bring your driver’s license or another form of identification with you.


Beginning as soon as your job interview is scheduled, begin preparing questions to ask your interviewer(s) at the job interview.  Write those questions on a notepad and bring them with you to the job interview.


Whilst there are many things you can control during the interview, getting there is not one of them and traffic or public transport can easily let you down. Plan ahead how you will get there and make sure you have the contact details of the person you are meeting in case you need to contact them for anything.

Have directions of where you are going before hand and if you can, find your way there before the interview so you know exactly where you are going.


Carrying more than one bag, or a bunch of smaller things that require being lugged around constantly, may not only be a sign of being disorganized person, but will also tie you down. You want to be able to move quickly, and it’s better to not have anything get in the way.


If you are going for a designation which may require seeing the examples of your work, keep your samples handy, this will help you in explaining your work with better presentation. Further, even if the portfolio is not mandatory, keep the papers with you.  Make sure that you have a well arranged portfolio.


This is probably the most important thing on this list.  Companies like to hire individuals who are enthusiastic about the idea of working for their firm. Bring your best smile and an energetic attitude.


Bring a printed list of references to give to the hiring manager. Include at least three professional references and their contact information.  Choose references that can attest to your ability to perform the job you are applying for.


Remember to carry some of your passport size photos.

Body language, facial expressions, eye contact, and hand gestures tell a lot about you in those early moments of the interview. Even if you aren’t the most expressive individual, solid eye contact and a genuine smile will convey the positive attitude they are looking for.


Finally, believe in yourself. You must have confidence in you and your abilities if you wish to prove to an employer you are the right candidate for the job. They will see right through you if you lack the confidence they need you to have. Would you buy something very expensive from a salesperson who gave you the impression they didn’t believe in what they were selling? Of course not! So, recognize your talents and don’t hold back from sharing them in the interview.