MBA Internships

MBA internships are one of the highlights of going to a 2 year MBA program in India and abroad. Many students who take them for granted risk losing out on some excellent takeaways from their summer internship. Think about it this way. You are fortunate enough to get a shot at what Rahul baba and Namo will never have – the opportunity to intern for your dream job. Why wouldn’t you want to grab it with both hands?

•What are MBA internships?
Academic programs tend to be fairly theoretical for the most part. MBA internships allows students to break away from it and get back into the corporate world to try out some of the fantastic concepts they’ve learnt in the business school class. Then they head back into the classroom to finish the rest of the MBA program.

The actual duration of MBA internships would depend on whether you are joining a pre-defined internship program (generally happens at bigger companies that have been doing this on a structured basis for several years) or a one-off / ad-hoc project that has been created for you based on the company’s immediate needs.
We have come across instances where MBA students have completed multiple (smaller) internships within the allotted time-frame.

Summer internships are an important career stepping stone and MBA hopefuls need to recognize this fact sooner than later.

If you are a student currently pursuing MBA or an aspirant to enter an MBA program, you will find that an important aspect of the entire course are MBA internships. Learn more about how an internship adds value to your degree and defines the career path you choose after completing the MBA program.