Key differences between CV and Cover Letter for Job

A lot of times the candidates get confused between the two most important documents, cover letter and a CV. These documents are important when you are applying for internships such as paid internships or online internships. There is a thin line of difference between them but that is what makes them both important and necessary. WeIntern will guide you through the key differences between the two documents so that it is helpful in the future.

Distinguishing between a CV and Cover Letter for job

1. Length:

The first difference between the documents is the length. Ideally, a cover letter for job/internship is of one page or nearly one page. Whereas, the Curriculum Vitae is of two pages or slightly more than that. This means that the cover letter is concise whereas the CV is a little more comprehensive.

2. Structure:

The cover letter for job helps you to target them in a specific manner. The cover letter for each online internship or a paid internship interview is different. It uses the job role as the base and then it is written. The cover letter contains information such as personal details of the candidate, work experience, why are you applying for the job or the job profile you are looking for and the career goal that you are planning to achieve with the company. Whereas, the CV can be general. It can be written once and can be used in all the interviews. CV contains information such as your skills, achievements, personal details, relevant work details, academic background, research experience, affiliations, and other details.

3. Type of document:

A cover letter is a ‘to the point’ document. It does not require any kind of detailed personal accounts or the achievements that you might have got during your education or while working with another company. It simply focuses on the job that you are interviewing for. However, the CV is a detailed document. It contains the details of the honors, awards, and other achievements during the career. A well-organized CV contains all the details about the education, skills, and achievements.

4. Usage:

The cover letter for job is a job-specific document. It is used to complement the CV in the folder. It also answers the questions, such as – why you want this job or the alternative job profiles that you might be interested in. Thus, both, the cover letter and the CV are important documents when you are appearing for the interview for a paid internship or an online internship.

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