How to write a content writer resume?

Content writing can be a cakewalk if you are good with the words and have a reading habit. However, if you want to pursue it as a career or take up a content writing internship, you need a little bit more than what you have. You might require a degree in literature, professional knowledge of writing articles and other prerequisites like a professional content writer resume. As you gain the experience, you become better at it and thus, start to get better opportunities

Before you go for an interview for the content writing internship, follow these tips to write your content writer resume:

1. Writing the objective

The objective should be very crisp and clear. Do not revolve around the same point again and again. In the objective of the resume, you can state that you wish to enhance the writing skills that you already have and along with that, work with the people who are highly qualified, a team of good researchers, talented authors, editors, and copywriters.


Blog objective

2. Writing the strengths

Mention your strengths in such a way that they do not look boastful but at the same time, you look like a strong candidate. The foremost point that you should mention is that you are goal-oriented, enthusiastic and committed to doing your work passionately. You can then mention that you are willing to learn as much as possible and have an open-mind attitude. Then mention the technical strengths such as your proficiency in the designing and layout of emails for marketing.

3. Writing about your experience

While you write about your experience, it will vary with the job profile. That is, the experience as a freelance writer will be different than the experience as a copywriter. You can mention the responsibilities such as writing high-quality content for clients in the fields of culture, history, politics, social media, and environmental issues. You can also mention that you have done an extensive research on a particular topic and created a viral content.

4. Writing about education

First of all, mention the high school, graduate school, and the post-graduation school. Mention the degrees you have earned at the end of the term. After this, you can write about the courses that you have pursued pertaining to the content writing field. Different online courses for advertising, marketing, learning English Grammar, advanced prose writing, business writing skills, and English literature have a major impact on CV.

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