How to write an eye-grabbing finance resume?

Finance internship or a full-time job requires dedication and skills which are specifically for the finance sector. To write an eye-grabbing resume for the interview, you need to follow a few tips. These tips will come in handy when you are writing a resume for other sectors too. Before writing the resume, research about the skills required for the job profile, ask around for opinions and then write the relevant details. Here are a few tips suggested by WeIntern, that will help you to write an accurate finance resume for the finance internship interview.

Tips to write an attractive finance resume:

1. Using the standard format

You might be giving an interview with other candidates and to stand out, you would think of changing the format. But that is not really the right technique. Changing the standard format of the resume will only show your lack of attention and lack of awareness. There are a few sections that all the hiring managers go through. Some of them are education, skills, achievements, etc. If these sections are not present in your finance resume, the hiring manager may get disinterested and you would miss the chance to get hired.

2. No objective statement

If you read magazines and articles, you might find that the authors and experts suggest you write an objective across the top section of the resume. However, it is important to know that this is an outdated practice. Writing an objective in bold and capital letters on the top of the resume will make it look untidy and unorganized. However, you can state your objective and your goal with the company during the interview to make the vision more clear. Instead of using the objective as an opening statement, write an attractive professional summary about yourself. The summary can be in fragments or bullet points. It should contain the highlights of your career such as major achievements and skills.

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3. Use confident and a concise language

Showing confidence in your finance resume itself will throw a great first impression. However, make sure that you do not boast about your achievements or your skills because the interviewers might be far more qualified than you are. Apart from the language that you use, keep your sentences short. An ideal sentence is about 14-16 words long. Longer the sentence, the boring it gets.

4. Focus on the education

Finance internship or the job requires qualifications such as an MBA degree if you are looking at a multinational company. If you are looking at a small-scale company, you can join it with a Bachelor’s degree. Whenever you are mentioning the education, make sure you write all the qualifications and the certification courses correctly and clearly. The hiring managers look at the qualifications and the professional courses before hiring.

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