Taking breaks is essential. It is what will keep you sane during your job/studies. But are you able to make the most out of them?

Here are a few things you can do while on your breaks:


Believe me when I say this, you don’t want to join the obesity, hypertension and CAD group. You want to stay fit. Breaks are the right time to exercise. Studying and working continuously builds up some frustration inside you. Release it in your sweat.


This will go a long way for you. Use your office lunch time to grab a bite with your colleagues. Exchange information and contacts. This way you work even when you’re not working.

Pursue your hobby

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT leave your hobby. Take out time to do what you love. You won’t regret this. We tend to get so busy with our work life that we forget to take out some time to do the things we love. Watch an episode of your show or listen to some music or read a book. Just do something.

Clear your backlog

Time to take out your procrastination list and get some things off of it. Do the stuff that you’ve been thinking about for long. Repair stuff, buy groceries, clean your desk.

Catch up

Meet your old buddies or your relatives or your SO. Know what has been going on in their lives. Relive some memories. Laugh a little.

Take time off a screen

Try to be away from your phones and laptops during this time. You will have to be in front of those things for the rest of the day and that stuff surely isn’t easy on the eyes.


If you aren’t going to do any of the things listed above, we suggest you go for a nap. It will clear your mind and increase your productivity.

Don’t forget to time yourself. You don’t want to take too long or too short breaks. Don’t waste your time. Don’t just sit on your desk during your break. Get up and get out.