You have to give the GRE for most master degree courses in United States of America and Canada. It is not as daunting as some of the other entrance exams in India. Bottom-line is that it is easy to crack.

Here are a few steps to guide you through how to do it-

Select a suitable date

Choose a date that enables you to manage your preparation time with your college studies. Mark the date on the calendar and let it motivate you to do your best.

Know your worth

Take some mock tests and know where your weaknesses lie. Work on them and get better. You don’t want this to stand between your dreams to study in USA. Moreover, taking a full length test will give you an idea of how long the test is and how you should manage your time.

Prepare a strategy

After taking mocking tests you’ll get to know what your weaknesses are and you will able to devote your time to certain topics that you think you’re lacking in. Don’t forget to improve your strong subjects too.

Verbal reasoning

Verbal reasoning has two components- Reading comprehension and Vocabulary and it can be difficult to attempt. Reading comprehension is a long and tough section and without prior practice this might be a tough nut to crack. Vocabulary is something you should start preparing for from day one. You can’t do it in a day. So make a schedule that leaves sufficient time for all subjects.

Essay writing

A good essay is not about flaunting your vocabulary. Just try to be grammatically correct and  sound in your sentence construction. Don’t feel pressured while writing the essay, otherwise you won’t be able to think straight and your flow of creativity will be broken.

Quantitative reasoning

The type of questions are based on selected topics. One just needs to read the question carefully to find out the ‘traps’ in the questions. Key to success is practice.

Study material

There are tonnes of books and apps out there that might help you. Read the reviews and decide which book suits you best