How to become a more confident intern?

Speaking up at a new work place and expressing yourself is always hard, often because of this our creativity and ideas take a toll. Things are even scarier when the assigned job is an internship, even the ones called college light bulbs flicker and get overwhelmed by the situation. However, the one and only mantra to decode such terrifying situation is self-confidence. To be successful in any task one needs to be confident and needs to believe in himself/herself.

It is essential for a student, who is planning to do an internship, to appear confident in his/her workplace because it is not just about working in an organisation for few months, but getting yourself recognised as a future employee.  If you are keen on improving your confidence for your upcoming or on-going internship, here are few points that can be helpful.

Always play your strengths:

If asked you should always take a task in which you can showcase your strengths. In the beginning don’t experiment, aim for something you know will be a definite bull’s eye. And once you have shown how efficient you are then work in other fields. If you do the opposite and take a task that you aren’t sure about in the beginning, you won’t be able to give your 100% in that task and it will reflect in your final work.

It’s all about dressing up:

Most workplaces have a dress code and one should always adhere to it, especially while you are interning as the people don’t know you personally they don’t know how talented or skilled you are, your clothes and the way you have styled yourself can make a big difference. Always dress like you are going on your dream job.

Always keep a track of your improvements:

No one is perfect and there is always a scope for improvement. While you are running around as an intern make sure that you keep a track of your improvements in terms of skills, creativity etc. This is one thing that will help you personally as you will be able to see how much you have improved or how much you have learned during your internship and will boost your confidence.

Keep a check on your body language:

If you want to feel confident during your internship make sure you keep an eye on your body language. If you appear to be lousy then people at the workplace might think that you are not taking the work seriously, but if you are alert and active they will take you and your suggestions seriously.

Give more than expected:

Even though you might not get anything in return for all the efforts you are putting in at your internship, you should always do more than what is expected from you. This will make people think that they can rely on you and will boost your confidence.

With the right attitude and confidence, your internship can be a cake walk for you.