How an internship helps in career switch?

People usually think of internships as a way for students to get work experience before they graduate. Internships, however, don’t have to be for students only. An internship can also be helpful for someone changing his or her career or for someone who is returning to work after an extended absence.

So let’s discuss how an internship is important in career switch:


Easier to Find

With the startup culture growing rapidly in India, it is easier to find an internship. Many start-ups would be more than happy to take up someone who already has some work experience for extra hand. No preparation is required in order to land an internship.


Internships helps you to discover what you like and what you do not. Try different internships, so that you could discover what career option suits you better.

It is inexpensive

Internship doesn’t require you to pay a fee. But, you receive a stipend, which is usually good enough to take care of your personal expenses.

Helps in developing new skills

You will learn new skills in every internship. Someone from a marketing background, who knows just the basics of Photoshop and is doing a design internship, will probably have an opportunity to learn advanced design tools like Illustrator, CorelDraw, etc, and fortify his design sense.

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