Expectations of an Intern from Internship

In many of our blogs, we covered various aspects for interns to excel at internships, responsibilities of interns, skills intern must possess etc. But in this blog, we inform employers about the expectations of an intern from an employer. After having communicated with many interns, we came to a conclusion about the following expectations that an intern has from his employer:


The basic expectation from an intern is compensation. Although it’s not all about money but all the interns can’t afford to work for free. So while hiring interns, an employer must set a basic pay as it provides motivation and gives them a sense of accomplishment.


Irrespective of whether the internship is paid or not extra benefits like free breakfasts, lunches, or coffee drinks, or even a half-day off can tip the scales in your favour when interns are picking between internship programs.


If you are amateur or inexperienced doesn’t imply that the company’s senior members or co-employees treat you rudely. You are interning with the company voluntarily. Hence, interns expect that the other people in the company give them respect and in case interns are treated rudely, they will not prefer the company for employment in the future and can also hamper the image of the company.

Education and Training

Interns join a company to gain knowledge and have practical experience of the workplace. They wish to apply their theoretical knowledge and convert it into practical knowledge. They want to learn and educate themselves about how work is done in a company. Internships being a type of training, makes interns expect to develop their skills. If they are given routine, boring task and such other task which doesn’t benefit them, they’ll prefer to look for other companies for employment.

Pre-Placement Offer

Internships are considered the easiest way to get into a company by getting a PPO as a reward. Interns aim and expect to get a pre-placement offer from the company they are interning with. Every intern would want to be placed before the placements have begun.

Flexibility in Schedule

Most of the college students who do internships look for those internships that offer flexible timings and prefer an option of working from home. College students have to balance both the college and internships, so they prefer those companies that allow flexible timings in work schedule.

If an employer gives due consideration to the above-stated points, he/she will be able to satisfy his/her interns and in return, interns will prefer the company for employment or for once again interning with them.