9 Unwritten rules to follow during an Internship

Engaged in an internship? Planning how to grab the opportunity and converting it into a full time job? So here are the do’s and don’ts you need to follow during your internship.

Pen down Each and Every Thing

Always carry a notebook while stepping into your boss’s office. It is expected from an intern to remember each and everything in the very first time. It depicts your commitment to work and leaves a good impression in front of your boss and co-workers.

Avoid Unnecessary Questions 

Avoid asking stupid questions. You need to avoid asking such questions which you can answer yourself. Only if you aren’t able to solve a problem yourself, is when you should consult your boss. It shows that you don’t give up easily.

Follow the dress Code

Many a times you will not be told about the dress code in an internship. However you must wear formals at the workplace as it depicts a lot more about your personality. Although you might face a situation in an internship when your boss and co-workers are wearing casuals at the workplace, in those cases you can follow the trend as it will look odd if you are the only one coming to office in formals.


First Impression

First impression is said to be the last impression, especially in cases when your internship is for a short time span. Work on your body language, keep a smile on your face, be the one to greet others and maintain good relations with everyone. It reflects your humble personality.

Be Participative

Always participate in all the activities and tasks. Try to grab the opportunity by saying YES to all the task that you’re required to perform. You should also volunteer when your boss asks any of the intern to come forward and complete a task.

Avoid going out for lunch everyday

Although you may be entitled half an hour or 1 hour lunch break according to your job description but it’s advisable that going out for lunch every day is not required. Having lunch at your desk will show that you are dedicated and focused on your tasks for the day.


Key to success lies in networking. Whether you want to excel either socially or professionally, you need networks. Many a times people land jobs because of who they know.

Never lie about anything

It’s not necessary that you need to know or have knowledge of each and everything. Come on, its not possible. So there’s no need to pretend that you know something which in fact you don’t know. It’s better to accept that you don’t know and you are just an intern rather than lie.


Devote more time than required

Although you may be required to work for specific hours a day but putting on some extra time on your task will benefit you in the long run. It will be treated as extra brownie points in seeking a recommendation letter or job offer.

Following these rules can help you in grabbing the opportunity in seeking an excellent letter of recommendation and in some cases even converting the internship into a full time job.