7 Ways to get hired at a Startup

Want to work at a startup? Well first of all let’s discuss what startups require? Startups are looking for talented, versatile people and that affects the hiring process. In a small office, everyone participates in many kinds of projects. So not only will a startup be looking for someone with a varied skill set, but also someone who can be a team player.

Now we’ll discuss what it takes to get hired at a startup:

Build Your Network

It’s extremely important to build a network to figure out who can give you an intro to that startup you want to work at. It doesn’t imply that someone will get you the job but it will get you a recommendation for that job. Try to take advantage of any opportunities to network or meet new people who might give you an intro to someone down the line. For networking you may attend networking and startup events. This has several benefits: you can meet important connections, learn about interesting startups, and even hear about jobs.

Understand the Culture and Issues of the startup

It’s helpful if you have a good understanding of issues that startups face, and in particular the cultural issues of the startup you are interested in. So get a good understanding of all the issues startups encounter, from obtaining financing to hiring and firing, sales and marketing, and much more.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Startups, especially early stage startups, have a variety of needs and don’t necessarily want a person who is going to focus 100% on one thing. They require interns who are flexible and adaptable to different tasks. So, you need to convince the interviewer that your skills relate not only to the core area of expertise but you are capable to perform different tasks. If a startup gets a good vibe from you and sees that you could contribute to multiple initiatives, it’s more likely to try and create a position for you.


Show that you have the skills and capabilities necessary for the position. Companies hire because they need someone to come in and solve a problem. You need to show why you’re the person who can solve their problem. Know what you’re best at and offer that to the team’s mission.


Startups prefer candidates who are passionate & show initiative through classes or a track record like a portfolio of work.

Social Media Presence

A developed online presence is an important way to prove that you are a valuable candidate. Social media presence allows others to endorse your skills and showing what professional connections you’ve made so far in your career. Many startups are themselves deeply involved in social media — it’s how to get the company name out there in this day and age. Thus, they are much more likely to hire employees who are already online and familiar with social media.

Know the company

The applicants who can’t take 10 minutes out of their day to read about the startup don’t get hired. “I had no time” is a very poor excuse. It tells the company that you don’t really care about their product, or that you were too busy to thoroughly prepare for the interview. Or, even worse, you are interviewing so haphazardly that you have no idea what the company is about.

Following these tips will help you get hired in the desired startup and gain knowledge and experience of different fields.

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