7 Ways to Become a Social Media Expert

In this blog I’m going to guide as to how you can become a social media expert. First of all don’t consider social media an easy task. As a social media expert you must know all the tips and tricks to seek attention. Social Media Expert is someone who is a specialist in social media marketing, who is well aware of the basics of marketing through social media channels, understands different social media tools and analytics.

So let us discuss how you can become a social media expert.



You need to read a lot of posts providing knowledge of how social media actually works. Apart from these third-party blogs, another very useful resource to learn how to become a social media marketing expert is to follow the blogs owned by social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others.

Focus on Stats

All the experts keep on focusing about the numbers and stats. Stats mean everything to experts. So always try to increase your scores and check them multiple times a day. In particular, you need to keep an eye on number of fans on Facebook, number of followers on Twitter, subscribers on YouTube and number of people who have circled you in Google+.

Network with the experts

There are many experts who have already gone through social media marketing and you may learn from them. Many of these experts create blogs in order to inform others like you of the things you need to do to become a social media expert yourself. Others merely lead by example.

Automation is the Key

One of the most important tip for an expert is to learn the art of automation. Some people in the social media world manually complete their task or selectively automate task. But in order to be an expert you must automate every social media task be it following back people, re-tweeting, mentioning, posting and other tasks which can be automated.


Social Media is all about what is being displayed. Anything that is more creative and pleasing will result in more likes, shares, comments and followers. Studies shows that businesses that use pictures and videos in a large amount in their communications on Facebook, which manage to get more viewers and reach. For this all you have to do is buy some stock images on the web and post them


Always be original and don’t just copy off the material that other businesses are doing on the internet. It is very important to have a unique and different character to your brand across social media platforms.

Join All the Social Media Platform

After reading about social media you have to begin having your own experiences. So pick the social media sites that will be of most benefit to you. Sometimes it’s best to start with some of the more popular social media sites, because they’re heavily populated and you’ll be able to get an immediate response once you start interacting with users.

Now you know how to become a social media expert. So, Who’s stopping you? Apply for Social Media Marketing Internships today on WeIntern.