7 Skills you need for every internship

As far as being productive goes, doing an internship is a life saver. Many companies are hiring interns as an efficient and economical resource for expanding their bandwidth, injecting enthusiasm and as a way of “giving back” to their community. But no matter what kind of position or employer you’re looking for, there are a handful of skills that can boost your application almost anywhere.

So now let’s discuss the skills you need for every internship:


Communication skills

One of the most important skill is communication. In your internship you will be required to communicate with different people be it employer, peers or clients. One can’t escape from communication. To speak and write is something that an employer will look for in an intern.

Positive Attitude

Employers are looking for candidates with positive attitudes. It’s a mentality that can affect all aspects of your job, from improving your work ethic to being open to new opportunities and responsibilities. A positive attitude is considered a “soft skill” because it represents a character trait and an interpersonal skill.

Problem solving ability

Problem Solving Skill

Today’s internships require an intern who is incredibly resourceful in completing assignments – and meeting challenges. Employers pick intern who can solve these problems through logic, critical thinking and by considering input from other members of your team.

Microsoft Office

Sufficient knowledge of excel, word and PowerPoint is critically important. In college or school you’ve written essays, organised data in a table and created slideshows for group projects many a times. So it’s safe to say you’ve got Microsoft Office down pat. It is important because almost every internship requires this knowledge.


Interns are preferred who are disciplined enough to meet the project deadlines without constant reminders and may even take initiative to determine their own tasks and work schedule. This is especially true in a virtual assignment



Employers like people who play well with others. Team work is an essential soft skill because you might have to communicate with other interns and co-workers. It’s crucial to be able to express your ideas in a group setting and not be afraid to share your opinions and ask questions.


Employers appreciate people who don’t need to be told what to do and can set their own tasks and follow through. The strongest interns are those who are self-motivated and can meet deadlines without being reminded daily. Show your manager you’re able to juggle multiple projects and meet their deadlines.

So if you develop the above mentioned skills you won’t face a problem in becoming a successful intern and excel at internships. Now you can apply to some of these Cool Internships matching your profile and skills at WeIntern.