About Us

An internship is a job opportunity offered by an employer to potential employees, called interns, to work at a firm for a fixed, limited period of time. Internships are very important to both the students and the employers.

For students Internships cover these 5 important aspects:


Our Mission is to bridge the gap between students all over the world, who are seeking internship opportunities, and companies, who require young talent to work in the organisation, by providing a platform for the companies to post internship requirements and for students to apply in the same.

What we Believe in

As a student run organisation we believe that it is very important for a student to gain a Real World experience at a Graduate level. Increasing competition and ever changing environment has made it really necessary for students to be competent in more contemporary skillset (Time management, Multitasking, communication and soft skills) in addition to technical knowledge that they have gained in their course of choice.

These future leaders need guidance to fully explore their potential and we believe that gaining experience in working in an organisation is the best exposure for student who want to develop the above mentioned skills. The aim is hence to provide a plethora or equal opportunities to our student partners throughout the world.